Placement of protection diode on motors with current sense?

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Barnaby Walters

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Hi there,

I've just started looking into current sense chips, in preparation for building a robot that navigates using no sensors apart from current sense resistors in series with the motors, and probably a LTC 2991 for the current sensing.

What I'm wondering is whether or not I should be protecting the current sense circuits with a diode in the same fashion I would protect a transistor. I'll be using a H Bridge, with the current sense resistor either between Vcc and the sources of the P channel FETs or between the source of the N Channel enable FET and gnd.

The LTC2991 can only handle input voltages of up to Vcc, which will be regulated 5v for it, but unregulated 7.4v for the motor. Obviously I need to attenuate the signal with voltage dividers, but do I need some kind of back EMF protection for the current sense resistor?

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