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    I have a CCTV DVR which allows an input to control when it powers on. When input one is shorted (jumper lead going from 'input' pin to 'GND' pin) it puts it in sleep mode (10mA current draw). When you remove the short it wakes up the camera and records as per the what has been programmed (maybe 30secs or whatever the user sets- at approx 200mA). So this works well with a switch. The switch only has to be open circuit momentarily for it to record for the full 30secs (or whatever it set to) program to take place and then go back to sleep.

    I'm trying to replace this switch with a PIR sensor. The PIR sensor has 3 leads- V+, GND and signal. The signal wire gives out 3.3V between signal and V+ (when powered from 3.3V) when motion is detected and 0V when no motion. How do I go about using this so that the input is normally shorted in order to keep it asleep until it senses motion and then awakes the camera by removing the short?
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