Pinging a DPRAM

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    Jun 1, 2011
    I have a device with a 50 pin parallel interface using a DPRAM. I use a PIC microcontroller to configure, handshake, send command and read response from this device. I am new to DPRAM usage. the device user manual says that, the device has to be first 'pinged' by sending a 'ping packet' having character 0x23 to the DPRAM, for 'synchronisation'. Following which we are supposed to send INITIALISE command in a defined format. they say that after the INITIALISE command, the device gets initialised to a state where it can handle further commands. And it generates a 'reply ping' From the user manual I infer that, after tht, the device can communicate with the DPRAM throu READY/ACK handshaking.
    My doubt is :
    1) should we 'give READY' / 'wait for ACK' while writing the synchronisation ping as well. (as it is said, the device will be in tht state only after receiving the INITIALISE command).
    2) If we neednt give RDY/ACK, then it wil be like, we are writing some value into the HOST COMMAND AREA of the DPRAM and writing another value soon after.. without ensuring that the device has read from it. Does that make sense? Is that how it is normally done?
    I am stuck at the moment - not getting the ACK from the device. So should i be actually waiting for it in the first place? I should atleast get a command_acknowledge after INITIALISE command ?? Please help me if someone knows... :(