Pin Out of AZrtech ARC M3EA Encoder Circuit

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I have the intention to build a system to control my 16 electric radiators in my house near Paris to avoid over loading of the 3 phases AC home circuit above the power I subscribe.
And to simply avoid that the breaker go off all the time during winter!

For this I like to use an emitter on 433 MHz with the 3000 W 230 V Ac remote controlled plug that we find at good price in most supermarkets here.
All is made in China and of good quality for the price.

I have identified a system called here IDK Multimedia and the circuit is made by a company call ARTECH.

The interest of this system and plug is that I can address 256 radiators ( 16 House Code, 4 Channel selectable per house code and 4 ON and 4 Off switches) which is more than enough, the plugs are of reasonable price and there are plug with up to 3000 W power.
But the problem I have now is to build the transmitter.

I have open the emitter I purchased form a local shop and cannot find the pin out or the internal circuit and mainly the M3EA which encode the data.
Without this I will not be able to continue this project in this direction.

Would you have some information about the ARC M3EA circuit build under the name of Arctech which is used in the transmitter?

Do you know if this circuit has a more common know equivalent?

If you know another supplier of similar plug with common encoder circuit and technic, please let me know also, I am not fixed on the IDK plugs.

Thanks in anticipation for your reply and advice or ideas.

Best regards.

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