Piezo transducers

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I am looking for piezo transducers with the following specs:
Resonance frequency 10.5khz
Resonant Resistance: 400 Ω
Capacitance 12,000pF@100Hz
Disc diameter:~15mm

I do not have much of an electrical background therefore, I have been having trouble locating those type specs. I have found however, these on eBay:

Resonant Frequency: 6.8 ±0.7kHz
Resonant Resistance: 300Ω Max
Capacitance: 15,000pF ±30%
Disc diameter: 20mm

Also, I found a guy that sells some with the following specs:
Resonant Frequency: 6.5kHz Resonant Resistance: 500 Ω
Capacitance: 14,000pF
External Diameter: 20mm

What do you think, folks ? I'd like to find specs that match the first transducer. If the specs are close, can they be easily tweaked ? Thanks a lot guy ?



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You cannot tweak the qualities of the transducer, but maybe you can adapt your application to use the specs of the new transducer.