Piezo Sensor Triggering Relay?

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Hello folks. I'm an amateur circuit guy who's got good soldering technique with no formal electronics training so please go easy on me.

I'd like to create a piezo trigger that when hit latches open/on or closed/off a vocal microphone. I believe I could simply use Dave Johnson's circuit here to accomplish this, but I've never soldered SMD before,everything's been thru-hole. Is there an easier way/circuit to accomplish what I'm after or comparable thru-hole IC's that can be substituted for the smd's? Thank you.


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This looks like a very good circuit to me. Very good at making the battery last a long time and do the job well. Keep the circuit, change the parts. Start with www.mouser.com or Digikey or Jameco to find through hole parts that will work in this circuit.


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+1 to #12. just fine suitable replacement parts for the FET's ZXM61P03F, ZXM61N02F,the LMC7225, and the 4013.