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    Jul 21, 2008
    I am using the IM client Pidgion with the encryption plugin on (and the lock icon down)

    Pidgion to Pidgion clients (on google talk protocal) work fine but when I go from Pidgion to webbased google talk client I get this showing up on the IM not the plaintext msg

    Code ( (Unknown Language)):
    1. Encrypted with the Gaim-Encryption plugin : Msg:S7b8f778f54:Recafd10d31: Len 344:eKNoiWFyfjswakOqI1axXbcMiFCwPH+83Hm3wL8Pv3qbv/X/ceDq9WJT3QFHJVDmClGmIvcCFJkMDpXPEgPI7Fc7tJv0b/gKogO5UrIgHCrtQes+j99Zde7MRM0RMWiI06+Ap+MW/qyIRi/alI/UbpNiwCxykIPkhLv9wHKzqj9COzVLIQ3LgUhWct+vrOIFk8FAslJfcV1C7RlYGYZZVucapfiYYfJcbVeJzxYDNqV+E3KEIGih7zWEin0oYLAoE4DyqJq0m5cHixo7ctISmVrK3OjK+E9d1RCcn1XHL1QjZL8uFjyJOEV1lZ1NzMYLijScpNN1XmOIyL/kv6AX2A==
    question 1
    Why is there a problem with somebody using a different client as long as they are understanding the same google talk protocal ? (this would have to do with the Gaim-Encryption plugin how it was written maybe ....etc etc anybody have more info on this / what the problem is and if it is easilly correctable )

    question 2
    Is what is the point of using encryption / the gaim plugin ...etc if you are over a https connection anyway.... (all the info you send is encrypted anyway why double encrypted it ?)

    For example
    webbased client is over https protocal so the info should be encrypted anyway regardless of weather you uses gaim plugin or pgp or any other encryption on top of it ?