[PID] Tuning PID Manually

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    Mar 24, 2014
    Given the transfer function G(s) = 5000/(s*(s+5)*(s+10)), project a PID controller that accomplishes the following parameters:

    Max overshoot: 4 %
    Max Steady state error: 1%
    Max Rise time: 0.8 s
    Max Settling time: 0.8 s

    The professor says that we can't "brute force" the solution, we have to manually tune it.

    He gave us some formulas for the rise time, settling time and overshoot and we manage to calculate the desired system damping ratio and natural frequency:

    ζ = 0.7156
    ωn = 7.0291

    Where do i go from here? How can I, based in this information, adjust the parameters of PID in order to meet the system requirements?

    Thank you in advance.