PICStep/Linistepper/AVRSTMD Code in C or BASIC

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Hello Everyone,

I have read soo many posts and discussions about the PIC Step driver , Linistepper as well as the AVRSTMD driver. Thanks to their respective designers it is possible for many hobby CNC builders like me to design a driver quickly. But I have seen... as we learn more the more complex we would like our machines to be.

For instance I wish to add some features like idle current reduction or increase the current rating of the drivers by upgrading the Transistor stage. But all these would require a certain amount of change in the PIC/AVR code. And that is where my problem starts. All of the Drivers mentioned above are open-source and hence the Assembly code file is available freely. I have read the Microchip App Notes on "Microstepping Driver" code but even they only provide the ASM File not the C Code file. I am capable of writing/Modifying C or Basic Code for PIC and AVR but I am not soo good at Assembly code. It would be a lot easier for me to build a driver if I can obtain a tested code rather than trying to "reinvent the wheel"

I was wondering if someone can help me with a Stepper Driver Firmware code in C or BASIC which has PWM Current Control and Microstepping. I am willing to do the Circuit design complete with PCB Design files, part list and Drive Performance results on various motors and step modes. We could even make this an Open-source project if there is considerable interest.

Please Advice!