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Could you explain the different steps in burning a pic after the program is assembled .

also,if i want to build my own hardware to burn the pic,how do i do that?

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You take the .hex file generate by the assembler and load it into the software which controls the programmer device. Then you set the configuration bits (if needed) and program it. If you want to build your own programmer make a search in google and you get many results.

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you can use MPLAB software for developing the code. the generated HEX file can be used any of the burners. or MPSWIN is standalone assembler to build the hex file from assembly code written in any text editor(eg. notepad. the following site has good circuits for burning the PIC microcontrollers as well as other microcontrollers. the site provides schematics of burners and dumping software. among that jdm programmer is very nice for PIC which uses only few passive componenets. the following url is useful