PICKIT3 passes self test but does not connect to PIC

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I have been having a really bad weekend. I blew out two PICS and two LCDs.

So I wanted to make sure my PICKit3 was still working.

I think made another STUPID mistake. I think I hooked up the PicKIT3 to the demo board before I configured it for external voltage.

I had been working with a 5V PIC and I will bet it was set to 5VDC output. My demo board is a 3.3 V PIC.

Normally I try to reconnect to the PICKit3 without the demo board connected to be sure the right voltage is set. :(

The PIC on the demo board is not responding (returning device type 00000000) but the PICKit3 passes all self tests.

I can control the voltage of the PICKit 3.

The demo board was working when I first connected it. Would a 3.3V Pic work for a while from 5vdc?

Does this sound like it is just my demo board that is blown and not the PICKit3?

That one was bound to happen some time. :)
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Besides doing frying, did you have a nice weekend. LoL. A thing I have learned when working with electronics is to have attention to details. Or well to be honest I spent some years in the army and it was an old officer who had this as a catchword. It works in electronics also. But that I have to learn it the hard way

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No I did not have a good weekend! I was snowed in most of the weekend.

Yes I am learning the hard way. :) But the lesson is not set firmly in my brain.