PIC24 - many ADCs

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    Jun 30, 2008
    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a 16 bit PIC micro that has >= 3 ADCs (I have 3 signals that I need to sample simultaneously). Does anyone know of one in the PIC24 family? Basically it must have fast processing power, large memory and good maths capabilities (for signal processing).

    Do all PIC24F PICs have RTCC?

    Also I'm looking for a PIC that you plug in to a breadboard, with <=28 pins, and preferably 5V supply. Or at least, how would I use something like this in a project that can't be plugged into a breadboard (I'm just a student at the moment :D)? Like 50 pin PICs? And how do you power something with a 3V supply requirement?

    Please can you direct me to the right PIC?

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    May 11, 2009
    Hi you can find out your first question be taking a look here
    But be aware that even if a PIC has multiple ADC inputs. The input will be multiplexed. So you will not be able to 100% simultanious sampling. In order to do such. You may use external sample and hold circuits. And set the circuits in hold mode at the same time
    Also check out if this fit your needs
    It is cheap but perhaps somewhat low in pin count but it has 28 pins
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    Jun 30, 2008
    Don't they only have 1 ADC, but with many inputs? I'm looking for many ADCs each with their own input... or is this not possible?

    Thx for the suggestion...will investigate it.

    How do you use a HIGH pin count micro in a circuit? Are there special IC sockets or something? In other words, how do I practically use a high pin count PIC without a dev board?