PIC18f87J90 question

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I am programming PIC18f87J90

When the program memory address is more than 2100 the program is not building successfully in MPLAB v8.36

Is there any setting of program counter that needs to be changed?

If anyone has an idea please let me know



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It could be two thing. Your compiler is in demo mode and do not support larger programs. This may be valid for some l C/BASIC compilers. DO you program in assembler or C/basic. If you program in assembler take a look at the range for for different branch instructions. The Call and Goto instructions do have 20 bit range so they may not be the problem
Bu the way I am not so good then it comes to assembler programming and the PIC18f micros so others may pitch in if I am totaly wrong here....:eek:

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its not the demo

i program in assembler

Before when i programmed PIC16f887 when the program memory became larger than 2k I could use the paging concept to acces the subroutines in different pages by setting or resetting the PCLATH bits 3 or 4

The above concept worked for PIC16f887

I wonder if I need to do similar in PIC18f87J90

But here the PC is 21 bits
PCL is directly accessible

but not PCLATH and PCLATU