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I am not able to program PIC18f67K90 with PICKit2

The program builds successfully in MPLAB IDE v8.36

But when I try to select the programmer PICKit2, I get the PK2Error0025: Failed to load PICkit2
and PK2Error0035: Failed to retrieve XML Data(node = %s)

The program involving PIC18f87J90 built successfully in MPLAB IDE v8.36 and the programmer PICkit2 worked fine too.

Please let me know how I can get rid of that error?

I tried to uninstall and install MPLAB but still couldn't make it work.

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Joined Dec 6, 2010
In the MPLAB IDE 8.36
it does show PICkit2 highlighted in the programmer tab

few other programmers were not highlighted


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I'm up to MPLAB v8.83, and that version shows the PICkit 2 is DOES NOT SUPPORT the PIC18f67K90.

The PICkit 3 is green and good to go.


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None of the newer Microchip parts are ever going to be supported by the PICkit2. I fully expect to have to buy a PICkit3 at some point myself, but have not yet built anything with an unsupported MCU. Probably my next project though.