Pic16lf870 + icd3

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Having blown up my ICD2 many weeks ago (ummm...I let the magic smoke get out!), I finally purchased a couple of ICD3s to replace it.

Today, I am working on some code updates on an old product (about 8 years old) that uses a PIC16LF870. I used to program/debug these with no problem with the ICD2.

I notice first that MPLAB v8.83 does not have a processor selection for the PIC16LF870, but it does for the PIC16F870. Now, IIRC, the silicon is the same for both but the LF parts are selected for proper low voltage operation.

So, I selected PIC16F870 for programming with the ICD3. Upon connection, it recognizes the device fine.

But when I try to program it (either self-powered at 3V or ICD3 powered at 3V) the chip is not getting programmed properly (programming takes a real long time, and then fails with verification errors).

Anyone else having any issues with the ICD3 and older parts?
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