PIC16F877A with TXM-433-LR-S

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    Oct 29, 2008
    I am using 2 different PIC16F877A's one to transmit voltage/current readings from a solar panel and another to receive the data and display it on a PC using MAX232.

    ------ Transmitting Side ONLY (1 PIC) ------
    The data collected from the panel is obviously analog, but instead of using the PIC to do the A/D conversion we have a chip (ADS7841) so that the accuracy is more exact (this will be used for a university to display on their website to show off their new solar panels). I have a Hall Effect Current Sensor connected to the ADC which is then connected to the PIC16F877A which is then connected to my transmitter (TXM-433-LR-S)

    Hall Effect Current Sensor -> ADC -> PIC -> Transmitter

    At the moment, we are not collecting the reading using the hall effect we are just doing a demo so my group and I will be connecting a function generator to the ADC temporarily. I am having trouble however of coding the portion to grab the output of the ADC readings using the PIC and sending the data to the transmitter. Can someone please advise me in what the process is to do this?

    I am using PICSTART Plus with MPLAB IDE v8.10 .

    **Note the solar panels produce HIGH voltage/current readings, here is a link to live readings of the panels. Also, the transmitter/receiver will be transmitting at a 200 meter distance (for final design), but at the moment we are only going to transmit at about 10-20 feet for the demo.

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    Jun 11, 2010
    200Volts and 5Amps peak average in the shoulder of the solar season so you are thinking maybe 10 Amps in June and July?

    And is that averaged or is that the noontime momentary current peaks? If it is averaged then your Noon in June could peak at 25 Amps. Probably not because heating will decrease efficiency, but I am talkiing about the level of overdesign you need to work towards.