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Hi all, I am new to the microcontrollers and programming and I have a few questions

I am using a PIC16F877A microcontroller and PICBASIC PRO Compiler

I am trying to configure the ADC, my input signal is -5 to +5 VDC
it says on the manual that if I configure the control bits as 1000 I can use AN3 and AN2 as my VREF+ and VREF-, does that mean that I can have a negative reference voltage like -5 VDC or it just mean that my ref voltages can be two values between 0 and 5V?

and can someone give me a sample code in BASIC that I can try, cause I tried a code from some website but it didnt work..

here is the website where I got the code from:

maybe the code is written in C! I cant tell cause I am no expert in programming

Second question: after configuring the ADC, how do I refer to the ADC result and use it to set the dutycycle for PWM? I need to change vary the dutycycle between 10 and 90% for voltages between -5 and -0.1V and between 0.1 and +5V?

Thanks in advance for your help :)


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You should not put -5V into the PIC. The Vref- is not a negative voltage input.

I usually use C or asm on the PICs... the code in the link looks like BASIC. If I get a chance I'll look it over (unless someone more knowledgeable about mikroBASIC answers first)

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thanks for the reply, I think its basic too but when I try to copy the code and compile it, it gives me errors, I think something is missing..

since Vref - doesn't mean that I feed negative voltage to the ucontroller then I guess it only means that I can have a low Vref instead of ground, is that right? :confused:


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Please read the data sheet of PIC 16f877. They have clearly given the configuration details of the ADC & Capture-Compare-PWM (CCP) module.