PIC16F84A ( Past Exam Questions)

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    Hi chaps

    Below is a past exam PIC16F84A question and my solution which does not agree with the supplied answer.


    Briefly explain what the following directive tells the assembler to do:

    CBLOCK 0x0C.........................., ENDC.

    Question 2

    The subroutine listed below implements a fixed delay. Determine the total number of PIC16F84 instruction cycles that would occur in using this subroutine to create a delay in a program. Exclude the CALL instruction that will use this subroutine. Show full working.

    Count EQU 0x0C

    F EQU 1

    Sub MOVLW 0x10
    MOVWF Count

    SubLoop NOP
    DECFSZ Count,F
    GOTO SubLoop

    my solution:

    Instruction Cycles Total executions

    MOVLW 1 1
    MOVWF 1 1
    NOP 1 1
    DECFSZ 1 n-1
    GOTO 2 2(n-1)
    DECFSZ 2 2
    RETURN 2 2

    Total Instruction cycles = 3n + 4 = 34 cycles

    n = numerical delay value loaded into the w register.

    Correct answer = 67 cycles

    may you correct me or the anwer!