PIC16F84 control the lighting of home

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I am a PICmicro beginner and im now trying to use the 16F84 to control the lighting of a typical home ( it is a program that could record the states of light when occupied and record it when noone is in the house)

Can anyone tell me how to code this or where to go for read?

Is there any other PICmicro suitable for the purpose?



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Your question is more than hard to answer at this point. Several things need to be established before a particular microcontroller can be judged suitable for the purpose.

How are you planning to control the lighting, and does this mean all or just some of the lighting?

Do the lighting control mean to monitor the external ambient lighting so as to provide some preselected illumination level? What do you mean by "states of light". How will the controller know when no one is in the house? What level of control will someone in the house have over room illumination?

Will this control system install into a new home, or will it be possible to retrofit it into an existing home? Will it do light dimming? Can it adapt to fluorescent as well as tungsten lighting?

The microcontroller is the most adaptable part of the system. It is more sensible to work out the questions above down to a hardware level and use that requirement to determine the ability of the microcontroller.


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For the PIC there are many many resources on the web, but before we can point any out, it'd be helpful to know if you have any programming experience. PICs can be programmed in a number of languages, the ones I primarily use are C and assembly, but I know that there is basic, pascal, jal and others that can be used as well.
As for which PIC to choose, there are so many examples for the 16F84, however I would not recommend this chip as it's very old and I believe it's even out of production now. I believe a comparable chip would be the 16F628A and programs written for the 16F84 can be easily ported over to this microcontroller for learning.