PIC16F676 to VBasic Interface

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    Mar 19, 2007

    This is my first time posting and hope someone can help.:confused:

    I am working on a project for school and my part is to work on the GUI. We are using the rfPIC receiver that came with the rfPIC Development Kit1. I was planning on using Vbasic and therefore hope someone has done a similar project.

    The receiver is to work with a transmitter that uses a rfPIC12F675 and is to send if our sensor was set off. Once this information is received at the receiver module, I need to find a way to send the information to the laptop. Hopefully there is a way to use VBasic but because we may need to use a USB connection, I am not sure if this is possible. Basically, I need to find a way to acquire information from the USB cable to a program accessible from the laptop.

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated,:)
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    Oct 14, 2005
    If you read the dev kit user's guide, you would find the instructions on how to use the USB port by programming a supplied firmware on a replacement chip. The kit, then, would enumerate as a USB keyboard.

    You would have to read the keyboard from VB to get the codes sent from the transmitter, which is not that hard.
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    Mar 19, 2007

    Hi, and thanks for your response.

    Maybe you can clarify some things for me (I'm not very good at programming and hence ask for patience.)

    Does the replacement chip have to be a specific one? Also, I'm confused on what you mean by 'USB keyboard', hence why I am also confused on how to "read the keyboard from VB".

    I have a book for VBasic but can't find info on how to acquire the information from the receiver module--if I wanted to use the receiver module given in starter kit, would I have to modify it in order to use VBasic?

    Once again, thanks for all the help.