PIC16F676 Programmer Circuit


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Originally posted by Iodem_Asakura@Mar 30 2005, 06:49 AM
Do you know where can i find some programmer circuit for PIC16F676 that i can build?
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Thats the picaxe 18 right?

There are 2 ways you set up the circuit to program the this pic. Depends on what type of port you have on your PC.

If you have a standard COM port you will be using, you need to step down the voltage coming off of the com port into the pics range. In the attached file I have a interface with a basic stamp. The idea is the exact same with the pic, except there is no attention line. The only difference is that you need to add a voltage divider onto the Tx line (transmit) from the PC to step it down. Use a 10k and a 22k, with the 10k going to ground.

If you have a USB port and must use a USB to COM adapter, do not use the divider. You can just do a straight connection to the pic.

Just solder up some wires into a female com connector and your good to go.

Hope this helps.