PIC12F675 / Infrared Signal


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Originally posted by Reed@Apr 3 2006, 02:29 PM
I'm part of group building a autonomus robot and I need to convert an 8-bit IR signal in a PIC12F675 (using assembly) to tell an FPGA board which gate the robot is at.  I am not a coder by an means, but was informed I should use Timer1 to create an interrupt to capture the signal.  I believe I got the Timer1/Interrupt to work correctly, but I am stuck as to what to do now.  Any suggestions.  I have attached the code in a .text and word doc with some details of the IR receiver.
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There are at least a couple of critical pieces of information missing from your picture. Let us start with the basics.

1. Do you have a copy of the PIC12F675 Datasheet?
2. What frequency is the PIC12F675 running at?
3. How often does Timer1 generate an interrupt?

I think, but I am not 100% sure, that you can use the Timer1 Interrupt to detect the presence of a burst. You can measure the time between bursts to detect the quite period. Then you can measure the length of a burst in Timer1 interrupts and determine the difference between a zero and a one. There may be other details and it might be easier to do if more resources are available.

Could you post the circuit so I can see what the six non power pins are doing?

Hope this helps