PIC12F675 and an External Clock

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    I've been looking through the chip Datasheet and I've been doing a lot of searching online, but I have not been able to find the correct schematic or diagram about having an external clock ( either RC, crystal, or oscillator ) connected to the PIC chip in question.

    Maybe I'm just being dumb, but is it included on the Datasheet I'm not seeing, or is there somewhere online I may reference?

    [Edit: ] I should add that I am looking specifically for how to connect an RC oscillating circuit to the PIC chip. My project design is several units of PIC chips driving an RGB LED and in order to introduct randomness into the system, I'm planning on just replacing the internal clock with a resistor and capasitor ouside the chip, but also pairing the resistor with a termistor. Yay random!

    Thank you for any reply in this matter.

    ~Tim S.
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    I once contacted Microchip with the same question because I could not find any information of it in the data sheets. This is what I got from Microchip