PIC Turning on when I touch ground.

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    Dec 8, 2006
    Hey all,

    I'm just messing around with microcontroller programming so a friend has lent me his protoboard and pic16f88. So I've got the chip coded to simply flash an led at one rate if a pin reads high. And faster if it doesn't.

    What's weird is that the chip won't turn on until I hold my finger to the ground line somewhere. Once I do it seems to work perfectly. I've got the following fuses set on the chip:

    WDT - Disabled
    MCLRE - Disabled
    Code Protect Rom - Disabled
    Oscillator - INTRC_CLKOUT
    Debug - Disabled
    LVP - Enabled
    Switch Over Mode - Enabled
    PWRTE - Disabled
    BODEN - Disabled
    Code Protect EEP - Disabled
    CCPMX - CCP1 RB0
    FLASH Write Protect - Disabled
    Fail Safe - Enabled

    And attached is a schematic of the chip right now. (some of the pinouts aren't the same on that block diagram because it's actually for a chip other than the 88. But I have it wired correctly.) It also should be running on the internal oscillator.


  2. TrevorP

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    Dec 8, 2006
    Doesn't the pic have internal pull-up resistors?