PIC Programming Upload Error

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Firstly my apologies if this has already been discussed many times, but I am a complete newbie at this.

I need to upload a PIC hex file into a 12F675 chip. I have a Vellman PIC Programmer and Experiment board that I have uploaded various example programs to a 16F627 chip and they all upload OK.

However when I upload the hex file to the chip the upload starts OK and runs through until I get a 'Write Error at 03FF' - 'Write 3480' - 'Read 0000'

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going wrong. I can send the
readback file if that will help.

Many thanks


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3ff is the end of the flash program memory so it must mean the program is bigger than the available memory in the pic

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Thanks vrainom I really appreciate your help. :)

I am a iittle confused as the program has been tested and uploaded to this chip so it should be small enough to fit.

The program was not written by me http://www.fancon.cz/slave-flash-trigger/slave-flash-en.html

The code below is the program for the circuit.

Many thanks Steve


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I disassembled it and there is an instruction at 3FF.
<ed>I tried to recompile the code without the line at 3FF, and it was also complaining about the lines at 0x2000, whereas the EEPROM on the PIC12F675 starts at 0x2100, so I changed that too. If you copy the bit that looks like a hex file and save it with a .HEX extension it should burn to the chip, I've no idea if it will work, probably not but maybe worth a try.

Rich (BB code):

Rich (BB code):
gpdasm -p PIC12F675 dis
000000:  2846  goto    0x46
000004:  00a0  movwf    0x20
000005:  0803  movf    0x3, w
000006:  00a1  movwf    0x21
000007:  1283  bcf    0x3, 0x5
000008:  190b  btfsc    0xb, 0x2
000009:  280d  goto    0xd
00000a:  180c  btfsc    0xc, 0
00000b:  282e  goto    0x2e
00000c:  2800  goto    0
00000d:  30cd  movlw    0xcd
section removed because of post size limit
0001d3:  128b  bcf    0xb, 0x5
0001d4:  110b  bcf    0xb, 0x2
0001d5:  30cd  movlw    0xcd
0001d6:  0081  movwf    0x1
0001d7:  1683  bsf    0x3, 0x5
0001d8:  1281  bcf    0x1, 0x5
0001d9:  1283  bcf    0x3, 0x5
0001da:  168b  bsf    0xb, 0x5
0001db:  0008  return
0001dc:  01aa  clrf    0x2a
0001dd:  082a  movf    0x2a, w
0001de:  00ab  movwf    0x2b
0001df:  29e0  goto    0x1e0
0001e0:  29e1  goto    0x1e1
0001e1:  1105  bcf    0x5, 0x2
0001e2:  0fab  incfsz    0x2b, f
0001e3:  29df  goto    0x1df
0001e4:  00ab  movwf    0x2b
0001e5:  09ab  comf    0x2b, f
0001e6:  29e7  goto    0x1e7
0001e7:  29e8  goto    0x1e8
0001e8:  1505  bsf    0x5, 0x2
0001e9:  0fab  incfsz    0x2b, f
0001ea:  29e6  goto    0x1e6
0001eb:  0faa  incfsz    0x2a, f
0001ec:  29dd  goto    0x1dd
0001ed:  01aa  clrf    0x2a
0001ee:  082a  movf    0x2a, w
0001ef:  00ab  movwf    0x2b
0001f0:  29f1  goto    0x1f1
0001f1:  29f2  goto    0x1f2
0001f2:  1505  bsf    0x5, 0x2
0001f3:  0fab  incfsz    0x2b, f
0001f4:  29f0  goto    0x1f0
0001f5:  00ab  movwf    0x2b
0001f6:  09ab  comf    0x2b, f
0001f7:  29f8  goto    0x1f8
0001f8:  29f9  goto    0x1f9
0001f9:  1105  bcf    0x5, 0x2
0001fa:  0fab  incfsz    0x2b, f
0001fb:  29f7  goto    0x1f7
0001fc:  0faa  incfsz    0x2a, f
0001fd:  29ee  goto    0x1ee
0001fe:  0008  return
0001ff:  3014  movlw    0x14
000200:  00aa  movwf    0x2a
000201:  1505  bsf    0x5, 0x2
000202:  14a4  bsf    0x24, 0x1
000203:  308e  movlw    0x8e
000204:  00a5  movwf    0x25
000205:  30fd  movlw    0xfd
000206:  00a6  movwf    0x26
000207:  10a4  bcf    0x24, 0x1
000208:  1ca4  btfss    0x24, 0x1
000209:  2a08  goto    0x208
00020a:  1105  bcf    0x5, 0x2
00020b:  14a4  bsf    0x24, 0x1
00020c:  308e  movlw    0x8e
00020d:  00a5  movwf    0x25
00020e:  30fd  movlw    0xfd
00020f:  00a6  movwf    0x26
000210:  10a4  bcf    0x24, 0x1
000211:  1ca4  btfss    0x24, 0x1
000212:  2a11  goto    0x211
000213:  0baa  decfsz    0x2a, f
000214:  2a01  goto    0x201
000215:  0008  return
000216:  2220  call    0x220
000217:  082d  movf    0x2d, w
000218:  042e  iorwf    0x2e, w
000219:  1d03  btfss    0x3, 0x2
00021a:  2220  call    0x220
00021b:  082f  movf    0x2f, w
00021c:  0430  iorwf    0x30, w
00021d:  1d03  btfss    0x3, 0x2
00021e:  2220  call    0x220
00021f:  0008  return
000220:  14a4  bsf    0x24, 0x1
000221:  3077  movlw    0x77
000222:  00a5  movwf    0x25
000223:  30ec  movlw    0xec
000224:  00a6  movwf    0x26
000225:  10a4  bcf    0x24, 0x1
000226:  1505  bsf    0x5, 0x2
000227:  1ca4  btfss    0x24, 0x1
000228:  2a27  goto    0x227
000229:  14a4  bsf    0x24, 0x1
00022a:  3077  movlw    0x77
00022b:  00a5  movwf    0x25
00022c:  30ec  movlw    0xec
00022d:  00a6  movwf    0x26
00022e:  10a4  bcf    0x24, 0x1
00022f:  1105  bcf    0x5, 0x2
000230:  1ca4  btfss    0x24, 0x1
000231:  2a30  goto    0x230
000232:  0008  return
000233:  1105  bcf    0x5, 0x2
000234:  14a4  bsf    0x24, 0x1
000235:  3077  movlw    0x77
000236:  00a5  movwf    0x25
000237:  30ec  movlw    0xec
000238:  00a6  movwf    0x26
000239:  10a4  bcf    0x24, 0x1
00023a:  1ca4  btfss    0x24, 0x1
00023b:  2a3a  goto    0x23a
00023c:  1405  bsf    0x5, 0
00023d:  1505  bsf    0x5, 0x2
00023e:  15a4  bsf    0x24, 0x3
00023f:  30ff  movlw    0xff
000240:  00ac  movwf    0x2c
000241:  11a4  bcf    0x24, 0x3
000242:  1da4  btfss    0x24, 0x3
000243:  2a42  goto    0x242
000244:  1105  bcf    0x5, 0x2
000245:  1005  bcf    0x5, 0
000246:  2229  call    0x229
000247:  2229  call    0x229
000248:  2871  goto    0x71
0003ff:  3480  retlw    0x80
002000:  0004  dw    0x4  ;unknown opcode
002001:  0004  dw    0x4  ;unknown opcode
002002:  0001  dw    0x1  ;unknown opcode
002003:  0001  dw    0x1  ;unknown opcode
002007:  3f84  addlw    0x84
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Thanks markd77, what I found out was that I did not erease the bulk code and data before I wrote the program to the chip. I assumed that the checkbox which said 'erase before write' would do that.

I will give it a try and see what happens!

Many thanks for your help



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On the 12F675, Address 0x3FF is the last word in the flash memory and has been used by Microchip to store a certain, chip specific calibration value, which if you chose to use it, can set the internal oscillator frequency of the PIC to within one or a few percents of the stated clock frequency.

So unless you know what this value is for the chip in hand and have make a copy of it, chances are you are going to overwritten it with a meaningless value. I think the Vellman Programmer is just over protective in this respect and does not allow the value to be lost.

I have removed this particular part in your HEX code so you can program it to the 12F675. Rename the text filename to 675.hex after download.