Pic programmer


Joined Feb 19, 2009
I'll vote for PICKit 2 or PICKit 3 with demo board for ~ $50 or $60

The PICKit 2 has some features the PICKit 3 doesn't, such as UART analyzer, 3 channel logic probe, and logic injection. However, it doesn't program/debug the very newest uC's from Microchip

The PICKit 3 will program and debug all PICs, but lacks the extra tools the PICKit 2 provides.

If you already have a logic analyzer, then go with the PICKit 3, If you do not, the PICKit 2 supports 90% of the PICs around that you find programs for all over the web.

Do NOT buy a PICKit 2 Clone to save $10, or any other "DIY/build it yourself" type programmer for PICs. We have many threads on people trying to get into microcontrollers and giving up because they tried to save $10 on the programming hardware. If they end up buying a PICKit, they are suddenly happy.