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    Oct 1, 2010
    Hello all,

    I'm looking for a PIC programmer. I have a multi-PIC project that involves remote switching and LED indication. There will be two 8x4+4 (16-bit) switch matrixes, two matrix encoders, master decoder (with logic), LED encoder, and two LED decoders. Programming will include sending and receiving serial data (packets or other method of transmitting pin status) with some output pins being latched high, others momentary. As noted, some logic programming will be required. This is NOT for a wireless application, the remote controller and master units will be interconnected by wire (Cat5) using balanced line drivers and receivers.

    There are existing chips I can get that will do the job, but they would require a bunch of multiplexers, latches, source drivers, etc. - in other words, many other parts - in order to complete the circuits. I'm hoping I can get some PICs programmed and eliminate almost all of that, which would certainly make the PCBs smaller! I will need both the program(s) written and the PICs programmed. Alternately, I could get a USB PIC programmer and program the chips myself, if you supply the code and help me with that. I know just enough about programming PICs to be dangerous!

    This is for a strictly personal project, not commercial or anything. If anyone is interested please email me through the forum, I can supply more details then. I will pay, of course. Once you understand what I'm trying to do you can quote me a price.

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