PIC or 8051 Programmer Needed

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    Hello All
    I wish I were good enough to try this....
    HAM RADIO IN SPACE: PROGRAMMER NEEDED FOR SOUTH AFRICAN CUBESAT PROJECT The planned South African CubeSat project is in need of a volunteer with expertise in the area of programming PIC or 8051 microprocessors. According to Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP, this person will be a critical member of the CubeSat team and will be responsible for the development of the onboard controller software. Anyone interested in volunteering for this mission or any other aspect of the satellites development should send a resume by e-mail to saamsat at intekom dot co dot za. (SA AMSAT)
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    Links by me !!!!

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    There is a Cubesat Forum:
    populated by a few enthusiasts. If they find out about this SOUTH AFRICAN CUBESAT PROJECT maybe a volunteer with expertise in the area of programming PIC or 8051 microcontrollers will appear.
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