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    Jan 16, 2010
    Hi ,
    Thank You all for help so far.

    I have enclosed some sch. of what I have got and would like to know if there is a way to connect the circuits from the band decoder boards to read on LCD display.

    Line 1 of LCD be used for the Yaesu band decoder
    Line 2 of LCD used for the Icom decoder.

    As it is set right now I am taping the Yaesu board and using the LCD to display what antenna is active ,,I am having to move the radio and the antenna box out unplug 1 unit then plug the other in.Is it possible to be able to leave both radios connected and they share the same 2n4401 as I only need 1 to activate the relay outside if both radios go on the same band at same time.And then seperate the signal to the pic for Line 1 Yaesu Line 2 Icom.

    If there is a way would someone help guide me on how to do it.

    Thanks for looking and seeing if it could be done.

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