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    AS i m making line follower Robot i need help about pic micro controller ..................i need to rotate one motor fast while one one motor slow ........for rotation of my robot.............For this i need .help ........about pic micro controller ..and pwm pin ..........plz guide me about best micro controller and and functions
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    Jun 2, 2010
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    First off please start your sentences with a capital letter and end the sentence with a ONE period, like you see here. And use complete sentences. Your English is fine but your sentences are hard to read. Please make it easy for others to help you.

    The Adruino will probably be the easiest for you to create your robot. There are lots of plug in modules. But it will be expensive.

    Something like the Microchip Pic will be far cheaper but harder to build your robot because you will pretty much have to build everything.

    On this forum, it seems most people are skilled on the Pic but there are some Adruino users too. But the Adruino is very popular. I have not checked but there are bound to be plenty of sites dedicated to just the Adruino.

    No one anywhere is going to design your robot for you. Besides half the fun is figuring it out on your own. You are going to need to get started yourself, doing most of the work. When you get stuck or need advice then there are people to help you but they are not going to design your whole project.

    If you want it designed then buy a kit.