PIC C Programming without ICD

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    Feb 19, 2011
    For a project I have to use PIC C programmer/ compiler to communicate with the PIC16F877A on both a LABX1 board and a 2840 Development Board. We just have basic tasks that involve light patterns.

    So far we have accomplished all tasks required with the LabX1 board, but we did them in MicroCode Studio and my prof says that is a nogo.

    We have yet to get any communication to either board with PIC C because we do not have the ICD Hardware. My prof says there is a way to create an ICD with software but I have no idea how. I have basic stamp, M basic, MicroCode Studio and MELabs on my computer to use.

    Please let me know if you have any coding and/or settings that we need to use to get communication with the microcontroller. Thanks!
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    Apr 17, 2010
    Microchip is a company which offers a wide range of electronic products,one of them is their microcontroller (mcu) known as PIC.These chip can be programmed using a application software,Microchip offer an IDE with assembler known as MPLAB now C compilers could also be integrated with this IDE and a hardware (the hardware is known as programmer) we insert the chip into the programmer and load the mcu's program into the application software and then we write or burn the mcu's program to the chip.Now sometime we need to debug our code their are two way using only software i.e.. computer simulation, in MPLAB we use MPSIM to do this but its just an simulation not real execution of program by the mcu ,if its what your Prof asked then use MPSIM or their are many other simulator like Oshon PIC simulator (google it) .Now their is another way to debug your code at real time,its hardware debugging its done by ICD (In Circuit Debugger).ICD is a hardware where you insert your mcu and using MPLAB you load the program into the mcu and step through the code inside the mcu.
    ICD cannot be created by software because its purpose will be lost that is hardware debugging.Note not all Microchip's mcu support hardware debugging.For more detail about ICD go to Microchip's website.

    Good Luck
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    Debugging MCU software using simulator can be very helpful. Take a look here at my sticky.
    I use the Hi-Tech C with MPLAB. It is other C compilers. But I like the Hitech C. And feel free to use any compiler you are comfortable with. It is also important to read the data sheet. And understand how your PIC work. A PIC like 16f877 have a lot functions. And it is important to set it up correctly. This is a school project. So we will not just do the job for you, and serve it on a silver plate. But we will be happy to guide, or give a push on the correct direction.
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