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hi everyone..
i am a uni undergrad, i am currently doing my final year project.
but i am having problem in programing a c programming for my pic..
my pic will be 16F877A from microchip.
the problem is i don't really know what are the library i will be needing and also any setting i need as i need to connect it to RS232 and connect it to my pc and use it with kerboard control.

any expert help will be much appreaciate..

thanks everyone..


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I am happy this helps but note that not all the functions in the manual are valid for all PIC's. It depends on the PIC which functions are valid.


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Also be aware that those library functions only apply to the CCS compiler, if you are using any other brand of C compiler then it will have its own (different) set of PIC library functions.

The bottom line is read the manual that comes with your compiler.

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thanks every1 i m using ccs c compiler but the problem is there is too much pages haha..
but well better than nothing..
so i shall just read all of it..

thx again..