PIC based nurse call system HELP !!

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Hey there ! I have a project to do a nurse call system based on PIC 16F84 micro-controller .

it's as simple as that when a patient presses the call button , a buzzer sounds at the nurse's desk and a LED lights indicating the number of the room. Also a lamp above the door of the patient's room lights up .. The system is shut off only when the nurse comes to the patient's room to reset the call button ..

I need a sample project to start from or blue print of the basic circuit to use because i'm a beginner at programming ..


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There is not need for a Pic. I much more simple and reliable solution would be a hard wired system.

For an live saving alarm system such as this, the more simple the better. Not sure if it is still the same but when I worked in building automation years ago, companies would have these big fancy computer systems to monitor for fire but they were still required to have a hard wired fire system.

I would not touch this project with a 100 meter pole unless I had several million dollar insurance policy.