PIC ASM programming

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    Dec 17, 2008
    Hi to all ASM masters. Basically i am doing a project on wattmeter using PIC, LCD and other components like CMOS voltage converter, 3.3V regulator etc. But when it comes to ASM, i headache.

    To be honest I am getting the asm source code from the web (here), and the latest is that the digital IO on RB6 and RB7 is enabled. However when I go through the code, that two ports are used for page button and hold button. Cause if possible, I might make use of the 2 digital I/O and connect it to my module.


    The author tell me that 16F88 has a serial port which can be run in synchronous SPI mode
    (3 wires), I2C mode (2 wires) or async (RS232). The serial port uses some of the pins that are currently allocated to the LCD.

    Something that I might need to make it clear:
    1. Does the RB6 and RB7 served as Digital I/O?
    2. Might need to know how am i manage to connect the async to the UART of my module?
    based on the ASM source code?

    Thanks for the help. I really really appreciate it. :)