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    Jul 4, 2010
    hello to everybodyi have to design a projectmay it is simple but i am new in pic controllersdo you have any schematics,hex codes like this?the project is a bike alarm as follow:a)ARMING THE ALARMwhen input A go HI then output A blinking 3 times (flashes)and the alarm is armed after 5 secb)ALARMwhen input B go HI,then output B go HI for 20 sec (alarm)output C go HI and stay HI to indicate the alarm was alarmedoutput D is blinking for 20 secand output E outputing 1000 to 2000 herz as siren sound for 20 secthen stop and resset for a new cycle but output C remain HI to indicate that the alarm was triggeredDISARMING THE ALARMwhen input A go LOW the alarm disarmedand output A blink 1 timethen output C if was HI now go LOW IF YOU HAVE ANY SIMILAR PROJECT PLEASE INFORM METHANKS
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    I have seen this same project before. Maybe you go to the same school?

    You should do a search for bike alarm or bicycle alarms in the forum search.