PIC 18 Ob-Board Programming

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I am a programmer and I'm working with a company to try to allow one of their machines to be controlled by an iPad. The machine has a circuit board with a PIC 18Fxxx microcontroller attached. Assuming that I can install a Wi-Fi module on the board, could I reprogram the microcontroller as it currently sits on the board?

Sorry if this question is silly; I am not entirely familiar with the process for programming microcontrollers. The image below will hopefully clarify my explanation. It shows the controller seated on the board.

EDIT: The board also has a "PRGM" input which I think might be what I'm looking for..

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If the board is from the company you work for. Then it must someone who can give you a better answer than we can. All PICs with flash program memory. Have what is named ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) So only 5 wires will be needed. And of course a programmer unit. But without seeing a schematic for that unit. The best answer any here can give you is a maybe ;)


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The ICSP for a PIC uses 5 wires:

VDD (+3 to +5V)
VSS (ground)
VPP (programming voltage)

Find the data sheet for that exact PIC, and see if you can buzz out a connection from J11 to matching pins on the PIC. If so, you're found the on board programming adapter.

If not, at least you know where to try tracing out.