Pic 16f877a

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Hi to all Iam working on PIC 16F877A and the problem is that the pic modules(I have obtained the samples from microchip) which Iam using go in float state all of a sudden while they are in working state and pins show a voltage of 1.24V and the normal working is restored when power supply is tuned off for 30 sec and then switched on again.Please tell me how to get rid of this strange behaviour of pic?????


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Hi,I have not come accross this one, but I do know that the watchdog timer can in some cases cause trouble.... I have had projects that run fine for a while, and then sudenly do strange things, I disable the WDT and all is fine.... Try disabling the watchdog timer, this may work....Daniel.


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Are you overheating the it?
Please post your schematic or give a description of what you are having the chip do.