PIC 16F84 Microcontroller

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  1. Andrewcusick

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    Sep 24, 2007
    Hi there - I wonder if there's somone out there who can help a guy who's just starting to find his way around with this stuff.

    I just got myself a Velleman programmer and experimentation board. OK so I've programmed the PIC and it flashes nicely on the experimentation - so far so good

    What I'd like to do now is to expand out to produce a few simple flasher experiments on my own-

    I've picked up a few examples from "PIC in Practice", I programme the PIC using the Valleman board, and plugged it into the circuit - although the software says it should work... not a sausage. What I'd like to do is to build a circuit with known functioning HEX so I can see where I'm going wrong. Can anyone supply a circuit that I could build that would simulate the valleman expermentation board or better still supply a link on how to very simple flasher circuit with the PIC code and preferably the hex to go with it all help gratefully recieved. I'm only a simple soul so can you explain to me very simply - thanks
  2. jut

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    Aug 25, 2007
    I just built this circuit a few hours ago to verify that my programmer (Microchip's ICD2) was working:

    The circuit is very compact; it consists of: the microcontroller (pic12F675), 2 resistors, and an LED, and a battery pack of 4 x 1.5V AAs. I used C programming to write the code (hi-tech picc lite compiler). I don't know anything about the velleman kit. Does it use assembly language? What compiler?