PIC 1678FIA, help pls

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Am doing a project using PIC 1678FIA to detect a wafer protusion from a casette. Upon Wafer Protusion Infrared Rays from Tx to Rx will be interrupted and Rx will stop sending signal to PIC. Then PIC will stop the Robo arm from picking the Wafer from casette.

I need a circuit diagram for this project and if possible a prototype.

This is my project and i have some problem with the source code of PIC and also with the elctronic circuit. Can any one please help me. Will reward the helping hand for sure!

Will send you the detailed info, if some one respond me.

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This forum is for helping people with problems relating to work they are undertaking. If you want help, can I bring you attention to this thread, and ask that you satisfy the details within. If you want consultancy, then you will need to pay for it, and that is beyond the scope of this forum.