Photovoltaic system

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    Hi all,

    I need to design a voltage regulator for a photovoltaic system array (shown in the diagram). Where the voltage source represents the photovoltaic array, R1 (resistor) represents a LED array, and the rest of the circuit is a Buck-Boost DC-DC converter and please ignore the MOSFET and diode specifications that are on the diagram. The voltage regulator has to maintain a constant voltage of 12V and I need to design it using logic gates, flip flops, and/or op-amps, resistors, diode, etc. I can't use a rectifier. I've been trying to do this since Sunday but I'm really stuck in this I'm a mechanical engineering student so I'm not an electrical engineering major and this is for a introductory electronics class. Thank in advance and I really appreciate the help.

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    Introductory electronics class? Designing a regulator is not something usually done in intro classes.

    I assume you are referring to a control network that will regulate the output of the buck convertor.

    You will need a 12V reference for starters. For that you can use a zener diode. Then you will need a negative feedback loop, you can use some op amps to do this for you and you should be able to whip up a basic analog regulator.

    Do some googling on linear regulators to get an idea of how it works.

    In real life scenarios you would most probably use an integrated circuit solution to do most of the control for you, since it would be more efficient and reliable in the long run. Unless you are trying to keep costs down.