Photointerrupter help

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I'm trying to locate the name of, or even better where to buy more of this Photointerrupter. (see links to images below) I'm guessing it is a Photointerrupter, as I was hoping to find a data sheet to check the pin out before connecting it to test. I found it in out bits box at the London hackspace, so don't have anything other than how it looks to go on. It is the spring loaded leg i'm most interested in, as I wish to use it to check for coins falling through a slot.

If anyone can help me that would be fab, a uk link to buy more would be great, but I will settle for anything at the mo.

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Looks like custom part. Have you tried to "Ohm-out" the leads? If it's mechanical switch you would see infinite to zero changes as the arm is moved. If it is an optical unit, you should see LED characteristics on one pair of leads. One lead is probably common. The other pair will likely be a transistor. You'll have to actually breadboard it to get the transistor type and emitter/collector pinout.