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I have a very strange situation which nobody is able to figure out.
When calling my home phone number, a short ring emits and the phone stops ringing. No caller id shows. If the person picks up the phone on the first ring, the call connects. Otherwise, there is no second ring.

Here are the facts:
1) I get a dial tone inside the house from all jacks
2) I've tested all jacks with a phone tester and they all test positive
3) The outside phone line rings normally
4) The problem occurs haphazerdly -- The most recent time, there has been a heavy rainstorm.
5) I've tried disconnect each phone one at a time, and then all phones -- the problem still occurrs.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Check with neighbors if they have similar issues. If so it may be in the area RSO (Remote Switching Outlet / PBX), in which you can contact the phone company. If not, it may be at your local "Tie Box" (those greenish gray pilon looking things sticking up from the ground). In any event, it sounds like you internal wiring is ok.


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Make sure that the phone company technician (and their supervisor, if need be) understand that this problem is intermittant. When I had these exact same symptoms, someone came out when I was not at home and "verified that the problem was in the home wiring, since their quick check showed nothing wrong."

The second tech tried to explain to me that the problem was not intermittant - that "intermittant" signified a problem that comes and goes. :rolleyes: I had to get a supervisor involved before they opened up the RSO and swapped out the bad card.