phone charger Dc voltage source

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Nathan Hale

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Hello Guys, I am looking for a dc voltage source power supply but most of them are out of my budget. so i thought maybe i can take my old phone's charger ( which gives out something like 3.6v ) and use it for now as my dc source.I want to snip the end that goes in to the phone, and twist the wires onto my bread board's power caps.
my question is do you guys see anything wrong with doing this. do you see any hazards since i will be working with the adapter connected to a regular wall power outlet.

Evil Lurker

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Yup they sure as heck will work. I get em all the time at my local Goodwill store for a couple bucks each. Use some pcb mount terminal blocks for easy connection.

If you need a good variable source, get one of the dual output HP printer bricks and hook it up a regulator. One of those will give you a 16v and 30v output.

Just make sure they are switch mode and not linear.


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My favorite are for the phones made in the past 3 years or so, they use the standard USB jack and are rated for 1 or 2 amps. You can use the jack as is, or cut it off and just use the wires.

The phone switching supplies work great for hobby circuits. If you don't have a scope to be sure there isn't ripple, add a 470uF cap across the leads to be sure, then measure the voltage again, they should be the same.