Philips Bodygroom BG2024 NiMh Battery replacement

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Hi All,

I have been experiencing problems with my Philips Bodygroom BG2024 where it works right after a charge but once it turns off or has been switched off (sometimes accidentally whilst shaving) it won't start up again unless it's put back on the charge - and it also won't work if it stays on the charger for a day or two (the charger automatically disconnects the charge at some stage, I'm guessing causing the batteries to lose their charge). When it is running it works just fine with sufficient power, just a very short battery life if any.

I followed the Youtube video below for this shaver and managed to get to the battery, everything in the video appears to be identical to my unit including the batteries (750mAh).

I tested the voltage after taking it off the charger (it won't turn on due to low battery, indicator flashing) and each battery is at 1.312v, is this too low as I thought they should still work as low as 1.1v?

I used a razor blade to tear away the double sided tape securing the batteries to the PCB. The batteries are soldered to the PCB connectors at the bottom of the charger (near the charging pins) so I need to figure out how to desolder the batteries from the PCB (just that one side as the other side the batteries are soldered to one another and the pair can be freely removed). I would also need recommendations for replacement batteries, (NiMh? 2500mAh?) if they're compatible with the charger.

Recommendations please as to a) how to desolder the batteries and b) what batteries to replace with.

Adapter/charger info:

Input 100-240V~
50/60Hz 2W
Output: 8V -... 100mA

Many thanks in advance.




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The 750mAh battery cells are AAA size. Old Energizer AAA Ni-MH cells were 700mAh and new ones are 800mAh but they do not have solder tabs.

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Thanks for the reply Audioguru, I'll keep an eye out for the 800mAh ones and have them soldered onto the PCB


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Does anyone know where i can find the schematic for this machine ? I have a problem with the button ON, i replaced the batteries but i still have a orange color when i click to start..