Philips 32" no picture, only light

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Hi all.

This is my first post, I hope that someone can help me.

I just got a Philips 32" CRT widescreen TV from a friend, since it's broke. The set fires up without problems, there's sound but no image, only some light from the tube, mostly at the top of the screen. When I turn the set off, the screen flashes rapidly.

I've had a quick look at the neckboard, but everything seems fine(by eye, I only measured one resistor)

Are there any 'golden rules' or pointers regarding this problem? I'm not used to working in TV's, so I'm hoping that there's some "That's usually.." etc.

My friend just told me that it began with the image bein gred with lines, if he turned it off then on right away, then it would produce an image. This worked for a long time, before failing completely.

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What model of Philips tv is it? From what you describe the CRT could have failed heater cathode short, or the frame ic could have failed or even the painter chip which responsible for many problems on Anubis chassis sets and frightningley expensive!

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If it was green with retrace lines (bright slightly diagonal lines across the screen) then it may be CRT or Video output chip. Frame IC is also a starter for 10, but this wont cause green with retrace. Possibly also the Focus/Screen block on the Flyback xformer. I would have expected the set to have gone back into Standby mode, with a flashing LED (fault code) however with any of these faults. Philips A10 s also kill the painter with frightning regularity causing many varied and weird faults, and these are a specialist job to replace...(About 30 billion pins on a tiny SMD chip).

If you can get it back to a state with a picture, many philips sets can be put into a diagnostic mode by using 062596 then i key (or sometimes menu key) on the remote.
This can give a list of previous fault codes as well as the setup menus and option codes.

Not sure if the anubus or A10 came out in widescreen though...(not here anyway)... most widescreens are later models..... All comments still apply however.