pHEMT small signal simulation using ADS

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Could you please help me find how to simulate a pHEMT small signal model using ADS, and display its I-V and RF characterestics... I have no idea how to use ADS, and have to submit this project file by next week....

I have the basic small signal model and the small signal parameters required. But I do not know how to simulate this model in order to display the required graphs. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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I need to submit a project that requires me to :

1. Use TOM3 model to represent a pHEMT in ADS
2. What exactly is the circuit diagram for the pHEMT?
3. Using this, produce a DC simulation of I-V characteristics
4. How is this done in ADS?
5. From this how do I generate the h21, ft, and fmax parameters?

I have not been given any circuit, or any device values. Please help.


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Hello , you can easily determine the small signal parameters of that pHEMT , if you have :
1. The transistor S Parameters , for at least one bias point.
2. you can use any optimization program ( like Genetic Algorithms ) to optimize the circuit elements.
3. you can use MATLAB version R14 to do that job.

good luck
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That's great work. Your post is very informative and helpful. You have helped me to improve my poor knowledge about simulation of a pHEMT small signal model using ADS. Thank you.