phasor representation of amplitude modulated signal


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The length of the phasor will be equal to the amplitude of the signal (or if the amplitude is very big it has to be analogous to it) and if the phasor has a phase shift relative to other phasors with the same frequency you have to draw it with the appropriate angle on the diagram. Note that a phasor diagram shows phasors which have all the same frequency. So on the phasor diagram you have to note the angular velocity of the phasors.
It would be better to post an example, to give you the answer and have a better understanding.

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thanks for your help. I didn't post the signal because i found it difficult to write and thought it would be confusing.

But my main concern was that the signal is made of 3 parts with different angular velocity and how to represent that....I think i have understood now. thank you. :)