Phase shift

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  1. Wajhi

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    Oct 17, 2011
    A lil bit of confusion here.
    So I have 2 amplifiers, both providing an AC signals from a single function generator. The AC signals coming out of those amplifier is in range of 4 Amps (dont ask why :p).

    I have to distribute these 2, into four individual signals (I have splitters) of 2 Amp each, but with a phase shift of 45 Degrees.
    So it will look like four signals @ :
    1) 2 Amps @ 0 deg
    2) 2 Amps @ 90 deg
    3) 2 Amps @ 180 deg
    4) 2 Amps @ 270 deg

    I am thinking that due to the large current a simple RC circuit might burn.

    Any idea on how should I go on about doing this?:)
  2. crutschow


    Mar 14, 2008
    A large inductor could achieve a phase-shift near 90° (which would be frequency dependent). A transformer can provide a phase-shift of 180°. A transformer and the inductor could provide a phase shift of near 270° (also frequency dependent).

    Otherwise you could add additional amplifiers with an active phase shift circuit at the input to each amp.

    What is the frequency of the signal?