Phase Controller

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hi all.
i want to build a Phase controller.

i've search the circuit in google. but when i tried to simulate in Multisim 11 (NI, workbench) the circuit wont work??

the main purpose of the circuit, is to controll the power transfered to the load

example : control the heat element

any hint how to make a phase controller? or do sombody have the circuit?

Ac source : 220V, 50hz

Load : about 300kw

thanks for your attention

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thanks to your reply

yes i'd like to use TRIAC.

but when im trying to make an RC triggering TRIAC. somehow i can't fire it freely from 0° - 180°

and other option i had is by using external dc source for triggering. but i confuse how to make an zero crossover checking so i can made an delay to fire the triac based on zero cross over...

do you have any circuit like that?


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I have made a circuit like this to load and test a 3 phase UPS, around a pic 16f886 worked like a charm.

The way to solve the cero crossing, (at least how I did it) was to take some simple and cheap opto-coupler, put a 4007 diode in series with one phase, a BIG ceramic 10w resistor and the the anode of the led in the opto, the cathode went strainght to neutral.

This will give you a pseudo square wave wich you can work with, feed this to the input pins of your favorite MCU the rest. Hope this is helpfull

Good luck