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    I have this prototyping board that I’m supposed to use for a soldering project. I have to solder in some IC’s and such, but I noticed all the solder pads on each row are electrically connected. When using this type of prototyping board, would you cut the traces down the center to put in the IC and solder it up?

    If anyone has some example pictures of this prototype board it would be helpful. I would much prefer to use a different prototype board, but this is the one I’m stuck with.
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    Yes, you cut the traces down the middle of the IC. I usually run a +5v and a gnd rail past the top of bottom of the IC too.

    Good form is to run jumper wires at 90 degrees to the tracks, and try to do as much as you can with the tracks.

    Here's an example using a 28 pin IC;

    I use a small cordless electric screwdriver and a 1/8" drill bit chucked in it to cut tracks. It's effortless, almost instant, to cut a track. :)
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